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David G. A96 T653, Dun Laoghaire IE
Looking for help with 24h passive care for my elderly mother. Care is primarily for safety and healthy living. Lady has dementia with impaired short-term memory and periods of confusion. She is not physically abusive. She is quite independently capable with dressing and hygiene, though does require gentle prompting.

Hello, I am looking for a caregiver who can confidently provide companionship and home support for a very mobile elderly lady with dementia. As is quite normal, she does not understand or appreciate that she has dementia. Reliability and loving interaction with older people are very important to me. Your tasks will include, for example, the preparation of meals, shopping, passive overnight supervision, companionship. She is a very private person who has been living alone for 20 years, so it is likely that there will a period of adjustment to living with someone else in her home. For this reason we are looking for an understanding person with experience of dementia to join our family. For further details and questions, please feel free to send me a message.

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