The Live-in-Care Slogan: Care at home, not in a home.

The Problem We Are Going to Solve

637,500 – The senior citizen population in Ireland. Unfortunately, in the last few years or so, the dearth of nursing homes and dedicated staff in Ireland, in fact across all Europe, has put elderly care in a precarious situation. Even those who can afford it find it challenging to discover a Live-in-Care service that can cater to their needs.

Eldercare provided directly by relatives is often quite stressful and time consuming. Not to mention, they have their own lives, families and problems to deal with. A potential solution that comes to mind is hiring a full-time caregiver who will live with your elderly loved ones round the clock.

But that’s easier said than done. Taking care of someone all day long is difficult as it is. On the other hand, you become an employer who needs to deal with labor contracts, replacement caregivers, personnel changes, and more. What if there was an agency who managed every challenge on your behalf?

Live in Care is that Agency

Given the elderly care situation in Ireland, we felt there was a dire need for action. We didn’t want to leave people who were in need of care and that’s what motivated us to establish our agency back in 2014. We firmly believe that the optimal solution to the aforementioned problems is what we call live in care.

That’s why we say – care at home, not in a home.

How We Overcame the Price Challenge in the Home Care Industry

One of the major challenges that we faced was to find the right people to provide premium home care at a price people can actually afford. We ensured that our services aren’t more expensive than a nursing home. That was easier said than done but we found a way around it.

We leveraged the freedom of movement in Europe, Eastern region in particular, to forge partnerships with a number of established service providers in Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, and many other European states.

These are the service providers with extensive experience in the 24-Hours-Home-Care and many among them employ hundreds of caregivers who solely focus on elderly care and support.

This business model is called the posted workers model and it currently accounts for approximately 80% of all legally employed care workers in German private households, the other 20% being self-employed workers.

The Live-in-Care Works

Our business model has proven to be extremely convenient for the consumers for a number of reasons. All of our care workers are employed under REGULATION (EC) No 883/2004 and have A1-Certificate. The certificate indicates to the Irish authorities that all taxes are being paid to another EU member state, so social dumping isn’t possible and the Irish minimum wage is met.

We mediate between you and Live-in-Care suppliers from the rest of Europe. Our philosophy is to provide you with an easy way to report your needs and requirements which are immediately communicated to our dedicated suppliers. Then we present you a non-binding offer along with suitable profiles of live in caregivers who have reviewed your case and are able to commit.

We communicate the contract details, organise travel and departure details of caregivers and manage personnel changes when necessary. We support all processes and offer solutions to problems that may arise. Our mediation services remain free for you.

Live-in-Care Mission

To provide exceptional yet affordable solutions to improve the quality of life for senior citizens and the elderly.

Live-in-Care Vision

To utilize the freedom of movement within the EU to identify and recruit best caregivers from abroad who can provide services in Ireland.