Live in Care Costs

The care costs depend on many factors. We aim to provide aged care solutions that are affordable. However there are minimum requirements for salaries and other work conditions, so you cannot expect care costs under €450 per week. That is why our pricing is determined on an individual basis. For example if the service user is suffering from dementia / Alzheimer’s disease which is making him/her aggressive, it will be hard to find a suitable carer at the minimum allowed pay conditions. Experienced carers who can handle such cases will most likely require higher pay rates as they know they accept certain risks. Such as the risk to be injured. Furthermore they know they have to closely monitor their client during all times as he or she may go out and get lost.

In order to receive an individual offer, you need to complete a short questionnaire. Our office staff will be in contact with you within 24 hours of your inquiry. Since we have many carers in our database it is likely, we would communicate your case with interested caregivers within 2-3 days. Next you will get concrete offer. It will include all Live-in care costs, but also one or more profiles of carers and indication of it’s time validity. Please note that many carers who are in search of a client are connected to multiple agencies, so if they do not receive feedback within relatively short period, they may accept other jobs. That is why we recommend you not to wait till the last day possible, but you accept or reject the offer as soon as possible. We can send you another offer in a short time. Our offer would usually be valid for 7 days which we consider to be enough for our clients to compare prices and review other agencies proposals.

Additional Care Costs

In addition to the cost of care service you have to provide free accommodation and free food. This won’t add more than €50-70 per week. You must also pay the travel expenses to your work location, but we have set rules for a maximum of €100 per direction. Many of our carers come from eastern European member states, but there are cheap flights available. Sometimes Ryan air flights to Dublin would cost no more than €20-30 and the transfer from Dublin airport to your work location would be a few more euros, so you may not even need to pay the full €100. Each carer is required to present the receipts of his her travels and the client has to pay according to them, but no more than €100.

Commission Free Service

We will not charge you any placement or other fee. In most cases our caregivers are already employed by a service provider. In such case we will receive a small fee from the Employer that will already be calculated in the offer. In other cases our caregiver may be a client of a placement agency. If this is the case that placement fee will be indicated in your offer. We will of course receive a small portion of it from that agency. Carers are not charged any fees whatsoever.

Tax Relief on Care Costs

You can claim up to 40% Tax relief on all costs if the service user is incapacitated. We will inform you regarding the matter in a separate article.

Example Care Costs and Carer’s working time

You pay €450 per week.

There is a VAT exemption for aged care services

The carer works 5 days a week 7 hour a day (35 hours per week in total). Any additional hour is €12 an hour

Care Cost Comparison

  • Live-in-Care
  • From €450 per week.

    Includes: 5 days of care, 7 hours per day. Then from €11 gross for each additional hour.

    Our Live-in-Carers sleep in at night for free because your are providing them with free accommodation and free food.

  • Visiting Care
  • From €850 per week.

    Includes: 5 days of care, 7 hours per day. Then from €25 gross for each additional hour.

    €200 plus per night for a visiting carer to stay overnight

  • Nursing Homes
  • From €1000 – €1500 per week