Elderly Care

(Homecare for the elderly is provided on an hourly basis during the daytime, with ads matched based on Eircode)

24 Hour Care at Home

(Elderly Care provided by a live-in Carer)

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Need a Care Assistant ?

We are here to help. “Live in Care Ireland” is the agency which can help you hire the best carer for you and your loved ones. Our slogan: “Care at Home, Not in a Home” is pretty much self explanatory.

Affordable Home Care

We aim to provide Affordable Home Care solutions. Unlike many other agencies practices our model ensures that you pay the minimum possible per hour wages to the carer you have hired. Our carer finding service costs very little in comparison with other placement agencies. You can obtain Tax Relief on all services used if your loved one is incapacitated.

At the same time our caregivers are excellent professionals, with great experience in the elderly care and home help fields. Throughout the placement duration we provide ongoing support to our clients and carers.

Our Caregivers

Our caregivers offer the full package of social services for the support and care of the elderly. They work in the area of ​​the so-called 24-hour presence in the home of the person being cared for.

Benefits of the Live in Care

With the live-in-care service, you can very successfully exclude the need to use the so-called Night Care service which can cost over two hundred euro per night. With a live-in-carer you can have an experienced and devoted person who takes care for your loved ones whenever it is necessary including during nights.

However, the livein care is a lot cheaper in comparison with night care. This is very important if specific conditions are present. For example if the service user suffers from advanced phase of Dementia, not to mention Alzheimer disease. We are specialists in Dementia Care. We have great experience with carers specially trained to handle dementia and Alzheimer cases, because not every one can take such cases. And we know how important is to ensure a fast change of personnel if the caregiver is not accepted by the service user with such diagnosis. But we are not limited to such conditions. We have carers who have experience with all kinds of diseases and conditions typical of the elderly.

Our Best Practice

We carefully interview the care assistants we work with. We approve positive people with great desire to to work with aged persons. Some of the goals are ensure the provision of comfort in the everyday life of the elderly, to support their independence, to promote decisions in all questions regarding their way of life, so that the elderly feel useful, regardless of the fact that they cannot completely take care of themselves.

Our nurses are mentally stable and steadfast, responsible and physically healthy. They can easily take care of another person’s life.

The care and support provided are carried out as delicately as possible.

The Carer’s Tasks

Some of the usual activities of the social assistants include help with:

  • Personal hygiene / shaving;  bathing /
  • Diapers change
  • Help to use of bathroom and WC
  • Medication reminder
  • Food preparation / Meal planning
  • Help with wheelchair / walker
  • Shopping
  • Light house work
  • Accompanying to social events such as visiting friends, church or other institutions
  • Help with social contacts
  • Putting to bed
  • Dressing
  • Monitoring 

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